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Power. Passion. Performance. These light, swift bikes have what it takes to keep you out front.

Road and Performance triathlon touring and fitness

Performance Road Bikes

Conquer the highest climbs, attack off the front, fly down the steepest descents. Trek makes the fastest, lightest machines on the road. 

Triathlon & Time Trial Bikes

Trek tri bikes aren't just highly refined, absurdly aerodynamic machines that cheat the wind, transfer all your power to the road, and carry what you need to stay on course. They're also your ticket to the final leg of the race. 

Fitness & Touring

For the ultimate multi-talented bike for those long workouts or for long hours in the saddle touring the countryside, look no further than one of these models from Trek.


One of our favorite bikes offered by Trek is the Domane. Blistering speed. Incredible race comfort and stability, even on the most punishing roads. Read these reviews to learn more about this radical road bike conceptualized by cycling pro Fabian Cancellara and Trek.

First Ride: Trek's Radical Domane
Neil Shirley
March 31, 2012

"The Koppenberg is one of the more famous climbs of Flanders, and it turned out to be a good test of the Domane's ability to help get the power to the pedals over rough roads."

When we got an invite to Kortrijk, Belgium in January for a “Trek function” the very week of Tour of Flanders, it didn’t take any insider info to surmise Trek was finally going to produce a bike for the cobbles. Besides, a year ago Fabian Cancellara was riding the cobbles with strain gauges wired to his bike in order for Trek to measure impact, and thus determine where to focus their attention in order to maximize comfort. Demanding equipment that would give him an edge, Cancellara told Trek, “I want to be smoother over the cobbles. But I don’t want to give up anything.” Trek realized it was going to take more than just an update to the Madone, they needed a whole new bike-the Domane.

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BikeRadar Review
Trek Domane 6.9 Project On review
By Robin Wilmott, Cycling Plus

"The speed and handling of a true super bike, with the glide of a cyclocross machine over the rough stuff"

When heading out for a test ride, we usually pick a route with a good variety of terrain that’s suitable for the type of machine being ridden. For a bike that was designed to conquer the Paris-Roubaix cobbles, and was ridden to victory in March’s infamous Strade Bianche by Fabian Cancellara, we devised the least road bike friendly route we could think of, taking in the roughest roads in the area.

Highs: Performance, ride quality, stability
Lows: It’ll make your other bikes jealous
Buy if: You want performance and comfort in one package

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