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Trek Precision Fit - Columbia, Irmo

The human body was not designed for riding bicycles. Consequently, you lose energy as you try to become more comfortable while strapped into this mechanical device we call a bike. The good news is a few little adjustments can help you find a better way to be more relaxed on the bike which will help you ride longer, gain efficiency and increase power.

Outspokin’ Bicycles in excited to announce the addition of Trek Precision Fit to our fitting services.

Trek Precision Fit is the best way to improve your performance on the bike, addressing your specific needs and giving you a tailor-made solution that will lead to countless hours of faster, more comfortable, more enjoyable riding.

A Proven Process

A personal fitting experience will address your specific needs, giving you a tailor-made solution that will lead to countless hours of faster, more comfortable, more enjoyable riding. Trek Precision Fit is the best way to improve your performance on the bike. The process includes:

  1. The interview. Your Precision Fit technician will talk with you to learn your goals and needs as a cyclist.
  2. Physical assessment. Before you get on the bike, your fit technician will assess your range of motion and flexibility.
  3. Shoe setup. You and your technician will determine proper shoe selection and cleat placement to ensure a sound foundation.
  4. Position analysis. Your on-the-bike fit starts with an evaluation of your current position and a simple overview of the steps to follow.
  5. Lower body setup. Setup starts with saddle selection, and continues through a series of incremental adjustments to create your ideal biomechanical alignment.
  6. Upper body setup. Here's where your fit takes its final form, with proper stem height and reach and handlebar shape and width to optimize your posture and power.
  7. Review and followup. You'll end your session with a detailed document that defines your fit, and a followup appointment to guarantee your satisfaction.

We are one of the first Trek dealers to offer Bike Pro: the most advanced sizing tool in the industry. Combined with Motion Capture, a high-speed motion camera that captures your biomechanics on the bike, it is the best way to improve your performance on the bike.

Outspokin’ offers fit sessions, including full physical assessment using motion capture, by appointment only at our fit studio.

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Cycling Analysis Pricing

  Saddle Pressure Analysis


  Full Cycling Analysis

$300.00 & up

Saddle Pressure Analysis – A la carte saddle width & shape analysis. This is a one hour saddle pressure mapping using our Precision Fit pressure mapping technology. Includes up to four saddle options and consult.

Cycling Analysis – 3 hour comprehensive analysis including: detailed interview, history and goals, flexibility and core strength assessments, foot mechanics evaluation, 2D analysis and consult/product recommendations & equipment adjustments.

Upon scheduling, cyclists need to arrive with their bicycle, cycling shoes and cycling kit (bibs + base layer or jersey)…basically, everything you need to ride, including helmet, gloves and sunglasses.

Call or contact us if you have any questions and for full details.

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Our Professional Fitters

Brian Curran is Trek Level 1 & 2 certified and a Down Deep F.I.S.T. certified graduates. F.I.S.T. is the acronym for Fit Institute Slowtwitch and provides bike shop professionals with the tools they need to properly fit a triathlete to his or her triathlon racing bicycle. Additionally, Brian is a proud graduate of the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs as part of USA Cycling's coaching program, whose intent is to provide the best possible education to train the best cyclists.

Krystal McManus also is Trek Level 1 & 2 certified and a F.I.S.T. certified graduate. Like Brian, she will fit each rider using the F.I.S.T. three-step process: 1) Identify and solve contact point issues by helping clients choose saddles and handlebars that solve comfort problems; 2) Help the customer discover and quantify “fit coordinates” that represent spatially where and how a rider sits aboard his or her bike; 3) Identify and present complete bike solutions – both production and, if desired, custom – that fit up underneath the rider’s fit coordinates.


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