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Electra Bikes
Cruise Columbia in Style

We’re South Carolina’s Electra Experts

One of the best ways to experience the beauty of Columbia, South Carolina is from the saddle of an Electra Townie. We sell a lot of bikes here at the shop, however, Electra bikes hold a special place in our hearts. Maybe it’s fun colors & stylish looks, maybe it’s how they ride, or maybe it is just that we love how we look riding them. Whatever the case is, they are a great bike for people of all ages and abilities. Looking for the most comfortable bike on the market? Let us introduce you to a few of our favorites.

woman on electra townie

Electra Townie

This bike collection has something for everyone, from the daily commuter to the casual cruiser.

child on electra bike

Electra Kids' Bikes

Designed with style and fun in mind, these bikes will keep up with the little ones all day long.

man on electra cruiser

Award Winning Flat Foot Technology

Flat Foot Technology is Reason #48976 why we love Electra. The Electra brand is all about comfort and control. It only takes one test ride to feel the difference between riding your old bike and an Electra. The geometry of the bike allows for you to ride upright, fully extend your legs while pedaling and plant both feet firmly on the ground when you stop. The days of balancing on your tippy-toes are behind you, come in and experience the comfort of an Electra.

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Bells, saddles, bags, baskets, valve caps and more let your personality shine!

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