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Where to Ride Your E-Bike

Ride South Carolina on an Electric Bike

Electric bikes, also known as e-bikes and pedal-assist bikes, feature lightweight rechargeable batteries that provide you with a boost while you’re cycling. At Outspokin’ Bicycles, we have a variety of different electric bikes to meet your needs - whether you’re a daily commuter, a mountain bike enthusiast, or a casual cruiser. We are Columbia's number one source for Trek & Electra E-Bikes, accessories and more. Learn more about our e-bike selection, and keep scrolling to learn more about how e-bikes are classified (and why these classifications matter to you) and where to ride in South Carolina and beyond.

Rider on a cruiser electric bike

Class 1 E-Bikes

Class 1 models are pedal-assist electric bikes that go up to 20 mph (or faster speeds with the addition of human power). The pedal-assist on these bikes uses sensors to read your pedal cadence and/or how much force you are applying to the pedals. These models are great for bike paths, many public trails, and street riding.

Recreational shot with road and trees

Class 2 E-Bikes

Class 2 models are throttle-assisted electric bikes, similar to a scooter or motorcycle, that go up to 20 mph. Even though they don't go as fast as Class 3 e-bikes, they may be classified as motorized vehicles in some places due to their electric throttle. Because of changing laws and potential restrictions, we do not carry Class 2 e-bikes at this time.

Rider on road electric bike

Class 3 E-Bikes

Class 3 models are pedal-assist electric bikes that go up to 28 mph (or faster speeds with the addition of human power). While these e-bikes do not require a driver’s license or license plate, they are fast! They’re the perfect vehicle for commuting or taking care of errands around town. We recommend sticking to paved roads on Class 3s.

Where to Ride Your E-Bike

If you currently ride an e-bike or are considering taking one home, we’re here to help you determine where it is safe and legal to ride. Thanks to peopleforbikes.org, we can offer you local guides for riding your electric bike.