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Terry Butterfly Women's Saddle

Terry Butterfly Women's Saddle
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The Butterfly Carbon is the lightest of the Butterflies thanks to the addition of carbon rails. It's wider in the rear than typical saddles for good support of a woman's sit bones. The Butterfly Carbon's low profile, flat top, and a complete cutaway through the center are designed to provide pressure relief and support in the right areas. Injection-molded foam is used to provide the right balance of softness and stiffness so you won't sink into the saddle the longer you ride.

- Black leather with gloss butterfly graphic and patent leather rear
- Signature Butterfly cutaway through the center of the saddle for pressure relief
- Length x width: 262mm x 155mm
- Weight: 218 grams; 7.7 ounces
- Rails: lightest weight Carbon 10mm H (+/- .5mm) x 7mm W (+/- .5mm) note: check seat post for compatibility as it may require an adapter kit (available from some seat post manufacturers)