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Basil Permanent System II

Basil Permanent System II
This item is currently not available.


This stem holder comes in classic black and is designed to attach your Basil basket to the front wheel of your bike. This system is suitable for use with both men and women’s bicycles with ease. If you’re after performance and durability, this attachment provides all the strength and stability you need, keeping your basket firmly fitted to your bike. Not only does this reduce maintenance, it also means you can put your bike through more without the worry of your basket coming free. Perfect for enjoying enhanced safety and stability on the go. What’s more, because of it’s quality steel construction, this component will hold up well against the elements and last you for a long time to come. The fastening system is also suitable for various types of bikes and fits stems with a diameter of 22 to 25.4 mm. Browse more essential items from the Basil range online today, from baskets and bags, to essential fasteners and fixing essentials.


- Basil Permanent-S II stem holder.
- Designed for fitting of baskets to the front of your bike.
- Made from hard-wearing steel for longevity.
- Suitable for handlebar stems measuring 22 to 25.4 mm.